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Server & Discord Rules:

⇨ Caps:
This is not allowed on discord, forums or in game.

⇨ Spamming:
This is not allowed either and will result in a mute if broken.

⇨ Racism, Suicide Jokes, LGBT Jokes, Illness Jokes:
All of these are strictly not allowed, and will be punished immediately if seen broken.

⇨ Ddos Threats:
We take these really seriously as they are both illegal and happens a lot on minecraft servers.

⇨ Hacked Client:
Strictly not allowed, if you have questions about a mod or client. Make a ticket and ask about it.

⇨ Tp Trapping, Scamming, Insiding:
Not allowed on the server, will result in a ban if caught.

⇨ Advertisements:
Self explanatory, strictly not allowed either. Perm ban if broken.

⇨ Glitches:
We want to make this server fair and fun for all players. Anyone who withhold information about a bug/abusing a bug/selling a bug. Will be permanently banned on our network.

⇨ Ban Evasion / Mute Evasion:
This is not allowed, if you are banned or muted. Create a ticket...
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Hello Players,

We are happy to have the forums up and running! From now on, most of the in game matters will be handled here. Then there will be active staff replying to you as fast as possible! We also have a new category called Change Logs, which will be updated regularly.
Also, discord will still be used for immediate updates such as down time. Feel free to go over to the discord and be updated at all times.

Below are some very useful links:

You can apply for staff here:
You can report a player here:
You can appeal for a punishment here:
Official discord server link:

We hope that all of you can follow the formats while trying to report a player / appeal for your ban / applying for staff. This would make...