by Landon at 11:09 AM
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Hey there!

We are currently looking for some beta testers to help us test some bugs on the Legacy realm coming soon!

You will work alongside staff when the Ownership and Management tell you to log on to test something.

You will have your own role on discord along with a private channel to speak in about either normal things or issues with bugs or testing itself.

Reply with your ign here. We will check some background information and decide the best people for the spot. We don’t know how many people we want yet so there isn’t a set number.

by uDrop at 2:53 PM
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Greetings Explorers!

We're proud to announce that in 2 days (sunday) at 6PM GMT we will be hosting our official beta testing for our /duel plugin, we are hosting a test phase to prevent bugs such as duping, glitches etc! The beta version will not have kits, it will not have envoy duels however, it will have the option to use your own gear!

To enter:
Comment Your IGN Below
Follow me on forums (please xd)